Solid Waste & Recycling Collection

Notice to Pahokee Residents

Public Works is committed to excellence in the services provided, by ensuring that each and every citizen is surrounded by a clean, fresh, and well maintained environment.

Your solid waste collection is a level of environmental service that many communities are not offering. "Keeping the appearance" is what makes Pahokee a great place to live and work.

Curbside Trash Collection

The City of Pahokee, via Southern Waste Systems, provides 95 gallon toters (“garbage cans”) for household garbage that are to be rolled out the night before collection day. These toters are designed for easy rolling and they are effective in controlling pests. Truck drivers will dump the toters using an automatic arm.

Please place your cart at the curb – not in the street, on the sidewalk, or on the meter box, the night before your scheduled collection day. The toter should be placed away from light poles, mailboxes, or fire hydrants. There should be ample space between the toter, recycling bins, and yard waste.

To keep the City looking neat, please remove all emptied toters from the curb, as soon as possible, and before 6:00 a.m. the following day, after the collection.

If, over time, it becomes apparent that the homeowner needs more space for garbage, the Public Works Department will provide an additional toter at a monthly fee, which will be added to the homeowner’s water utility bill. To order additional toters, please contact the Public Works Department at (561) 924-7832.

Citizens may also request additional garbage services to pick up excess debris, for a fee.

Yard Waste & Bulk Trash Collection

Residential yard waste is vegetative matter collected as a result of landscaping, such as grass clipping brush, leaves, and limbs. 

YES Yard waste is collected each week, at the curb on the homeowner’s property. 

YES Furniture, stoves, refrigerators, and etc., may be placed for collection on your scheduled day. 

NO Large pieces or quantities of vegetative and wood matter, which exceed the weight or size limit piled at the roadside, will not be collected. Construction and remodel debris will not be collected. Debris, under no circumstance, shall be larger than 4ft long by 4ft wide by 4ft tall. The trash truck driver will refer your address to Public Works and Code Enforcement for special pick up

NO Yard waste and/or bulk trash must be placed on your property, not on your neighbor’s property.

Lawn Debris & Trash Pickup ScheduleSouthwest of South Lake AvenueNortheast of South Lake AvenueException for Shive Dr.E. 7thStreetKing Bee, & Padgett Trailer Parks
Garbage Pickup

Monday & Thursday

Tuesday & FridayMonday & Thursday

Vegetation Pickup


Bulk Trash Pickup

Recycle PickupWednesdayWednesdayWednesday
Commercial Pickup

Monday & Thursday

Monday & ThursdayWednesday

Special Pickup

(Advance Notice Required)

Call (561) 924-7832

Monday – Thursday

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Recycling Collection

As a resident of the City of Pahokee, you are doing your part to help protect and preserve some of most valuable resources. Most of the products we purchase everyday can be recycled.

  • Yellow Bins For Papers (Newspapers, Brown Bags, All Cardboard, cut down 3x3 magazines, Catalogs, Unwanted Mail, School / Office Paper, Phone Books, etc.)                                                          
  • Blue Bins For All Other (Plastic Containers #1-#7,Steal Cans, Aluminum Cans, Milk / Juice Cartons, Aluminum Foil and Pie Pans, Drink Boxes, Glass Bottles and Jars ect.)

To order recycling bins please contact the City of Pahokee's Public Works Department at 924-7832.

Garbage & Bulk Trash Pickup Contact. Big Dog Express, Customer Service/Request Service 561-924-9250