Capital Improvement Projects Completed & On-Going 2016-2020

2020 City of Pahokee Achievements and Benchmarks City Manager’s End of Year Report

January 1, 2020 through December 31st 2020

Projects/Funds Awarded:

  • Demolition of the Old City Hall, Awarded $365, 000 for Demolition. (Complete)
  • Demolition of Old Hospital Awarded. Awarded $300, 000. (Complete November 30th, 2020). Land to be sold to private developer by Feb. 28th 2021 for affordable housing . (Construction Anticipated Late May, 2021)
  • nstallation of New Exterior Lighting and Exterior Painting of Gymnasium (Complete)
  • Renovations of Gymnasium, Closed for over 12 years $2.3 Million thus far in renovations. Grand reopening February 16th, 2021. Renamed in Honor of Eddie Lee Rhodes (Complete)
  • Resurfacing/Repair of Shive Island Streets $210,000 ( July 2020, Complete)
  • Approval of JPDT Holdings to Reopen and Manage the Marina Restaurant, awaiting final approval by Board of Trustees. Anticipated Reopening Late March, 2021
  • Debt Clearance to FEMA (Debt owed since 2009) $55,000 (Complete/Debt Paid-In Full)
  • Installation of new water lines and sidewalks on Larrimore Rd & Kismet Avenue. (Estimated Completion by end of February 28th, 2021)
  • New Sidewalk/Water Lines installed on Barak Obama Blvd (November 2020,Complete)
  • Exterior Security Lights installed at Parks and Recreation (October 2020, Complete)
  •  Award of New Transportation Bus from Department of Transportation in excess value of $130,000 (Received New Bus February 2020)
  •  Awarded $80,000 in additional SWA Funds for future demolition of Old Structures adjacent on Commissioners Park Property. (Preparing Bid/Scope)
  • FDOT Award of $900,000 for Repair of McClure Road. Planning Stages begin July 2021
  • Release of Public Bid (12/11/2020) for Reconstruction of Barfield Highway. This project funded at $4.3 Million. Awarded to City in 2018 by Florida Department of Transportation. Start Date End of March, 2021.
  • Purchase of New Public Works Trucks and Lawnmowers (November, 2020, Complete)
  • East Lake Village Stormwater/Canal Clean-Out. Project is in planning stages anticipated bid release is February 26th, 2021. Start Date April, 2021

New Businesses Start-Up’s in 2020
The following new businesses were established in 2020.Listed are brick and mortar and home-based establishments.

  • New businesses for 2020 (actual physical establishment)
  • Mama's Place
  •  All VIP Care
  • Riguez Barbershop
  • Kwik Stop (Convenient Store across from City Hall)
  • Winner’s Arcade
  • 251 E Main St (Buy-Out of Nana's Restaurant & General Store)
  • Shekinah Family Medical Centers
  • Dignity Healing, LLC (State Market Road, Opened March 17th, 2020 Employs over 40 Employees on 2 Shifts, Nursing, Behavioral Health Techs, Therapist)
  • Supreme Technologies, LLC
  • Bussey Enterprises, LLC D/B/A Primerica



  • OI Harvey Group, LLC
  • We Don't Fit LLC
  • Mcrae's Medical Transport
  • ADJ Music & Sound, LLC
  • KP Pressure Cleaning
  • Williams Family Better Home Services
  • Sunshine Sweeps
  • Gacy Construction Multi-Service• Le


Available Retail/Shopping Space

  • 2 Newly Renovated Store Fronts at 399 And 389 Bacom Pt Road (across from City Hall
  •  1 Available Rental Space at 179 Bacom Pt. Road


The Current Financial Status:
• All City Bills/Expenditures are timely processed and completed without interruption.
• City’s Credit Rating is acceptable for future business loans and corporate bonds.

• City has no long-term debt affecting day to day operations and revenue intake.
• Salaries are stable, and no staff was laid off due to COVID-19 and budget shortfalls for 2020-2021 Fiscal Year.

• City did not utilize any Reserves Funds for emergencies or operations in 2020.
Legislative Funding Request 2020-2021 (Funding from State of Florida submitted 1/6/2021)
• MLK Park- City will request $250,000 for repairs and renovations
•1st Street City will request $375,000 for Stormwater Improvement




  • Marina & Campground Upgrades Phase  II (2019) $990,000
  • Renovations of City Football Field To Field Turf (2019) $700,000
  • Glades Citizens Villa Street Restoration (2018) $635,000
  • Demolition Old Water Plant (2018) $560,000
  • Exterior Improvements Old Pahokee High School (2018) $110,000
  • Parks and Recreation Building Improvements (2018) $67,000
  • Marina and Campground Upgrades Phase II (2018) $1.2 Million






  • Pahokee Marina Wave Attenuation (2016-2017) $1.2 Million
  • Glades Street Resurfacing East Main (2017) $1.2 Million
  • Commissioners Park (2017) $550,000
  • Street Resurfacing (2016) $210,000