Chandler F. Williamson

Chandler F. Williamson
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The City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the City and is responsible for all day to day administrative management and delivery of city services, programs and special projects. The city’s municipal government structure consists of 12 Departments and Divisions – City Administration, City Clerk, Finance, Building, Planning and Zoning, Code Enforcement, Human Resources, Community & Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Pahokee Marina, Port Mayaca, and contracted Law Enforcement. The City Manager appoints and supervises department directors, implements policies established by Commission. Recommends actions to the Mayor and City Commission, and prepares and submits the proposed annual budget, capital and infrastructure improvement plans. The City Manager develops and leads all legislative agenda items for funding, policies recommendations, proposes new ordinances, and regulations to the City Commission.

City Manager Chandler F. Williamson was appointed to the position in February of 2015. Prior to coming to City of Pahokee, Mr. Williamson began his career in Public Service at an early age by joining the United States Air Force, while also completing his undergraduate degree in Political Science. Subsequently after several years in public service, Mr. Williamson completed his Master’s Degree in Public Administration with Highest Honors and is currently completing a dissertation for his Doctorate in Public Administration. Mr. Williamson has been a stead-fast advocate for communities and citizens for over 20 years in several capacities. Serving on various boards and committees throughout the county, state, and nationally, with some of the most notable being United Way of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach County League of Cities, Florida League of Cities Committee Member, National League of Cities, Florida City County Manager Association, International City/County Manager Association, and the Palm Beach County School Board Audit Committee. Mr. Williamson is looked upon by peers in the industry to provide panel discussions, best practice models, and facilitate public engagements involving local government management.

Mr. Williamson pledges a commitment to being a results-oriented City Manager who is enthusiastic about the City of Pahokee’s plight, the professional staff, and the dedicated Mayor and Commission. By investing in infrastructure improvements, Mr. Williamson’s vision for Pahokee is to create a city and community of choice in Palm Beach county along Lake Okeechobee. In 2016, Mr. Williamson introduced the renewed vision under the theme “Progress Pahokee”.  This theme has remained a focus during the implementation of major projects throughout the City for consecutive years. His mission is to ensure that he leaves the community better than he found it and that its sustainable for decades to come with an enhanced quality of life for which all residents deserve.

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