Adult Role Model Program

About the Program
Adult Role Models (ARMs) is a parent training program offered by Planned Parenthood of Greater Miami, Palm Beach and Treasure Coast to improve family communication and young people's health in communities of color. ARMs empowers parents to take the initiative to educate and inform their community about sexual health and teen pregnancy-as well as to by primary sexuality educators of their own children. 
Young people need accurate, honest answers to questions about sexuality in order to make responsible choices and stay healthy. With Adult Role Models, these answers are available from their parents or a trusted neighborhood adult.
  • Year-Round Program | Registration Fee: Free

Who Are Adult Role Models?

Adult Role Models are parents from diverse communities who have made a commitment to their children and neighbors. Planned Parenthood trains men and women to become ARMs through partnerships with community based organizations.

Adult Role Models must be willing to:
  • Complete 75 hours of training in "The Facts of Life" and facilitation.
  • Hold at least two workshops per month in their community.
  • Commit to one full year of service to their referring organization or Planned Parenthood.

After training is complete, ARMs receive a stipend and nominal compensation for each workshop they conduct. They also gain knowledge, develop leadership skills and self confidence and enhance their relationship with their children.

ARMs Workshops:

Planned Parenthood trains ARMs in two workshops of their choice, determined by community need. Dates and times of training are based on group consensus. Workshops are three hours each and include:

  • Talking to Your Child About Sexuality
  • Assertiveness / Communications Skills
  • Child Development & Gender
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug & Alcohol Influences on Behavior
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Pre-Natal Care & Contraception
  • Puberty
  • Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology
  • Self-Esteem & Body Image
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Sexuality / Values Clarification
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Media Influence on Our Children

About Planned Parenthood:

As a nonprofit family-planning agency, Planned Parenthood of Greater Miami, Palm Beach and Treasure Coast has served the needs of area men, women and adolescents since 1971. Our mission is to provide:

  • Reproductive Health Services
  • Sexual-Health Education
  • Advocacy to Protect Women's Health

We provide affordable, confidential, quality healthcare and medically accurate education. Our culturally sensitive, caring staff will make you feel comfortable and will take time to answer your questions.